DENGUE : Beyond Stories

Compiled below is a list of useful news items on information about Dengue: 

  1. The Dengue Crisis: Dos and Don’ts. (Source)
  2. Dengue Outbreak: Precautions for Children (Source)
  3. 10-Point Guideline on Dengue from Doctors. (Source)
  4. Platelet Transfusion Not Needed in Most Dengue Cases. (Source)
  5. An Appeal From Doctors, as Hundreds of Dengue Patients Throng Hospitals. (Source)
  6. When Should You Consider Hospitalisation For Dengue. (Source)
  7. Doctors unsure but papaya a hit for dengue treatment. (Source)
  8. Doctors at AIIMS debunk the benefits of papaya leaves and goat milk. (Source)