Day 635: 13-Nov-16

Steps taken by AAP government in Delhi on 13-Nov-16:

**None for the day**

Related News:

  1. Several restaurants in Delhi are witnessing thin attendance as pockets run dry after the centre’s currency ban on 500 and 1,000 rupee notes. (
  2. As Delhi chokes in toxic air, farmers defend burning farmland. (
  3. Poonam Azad, wife of suspended BJP MP Kirti Azad, joins AAP. ( ( ( (
  4. Over 12,000 Police personnel deployed to manage crowd at Banks, ATMs in the capital. (
  5. National Green Tribnal directs Delhi Traffic Police to ensure free flow of traffic in the capital. (
  6. Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes banned: 360-view of long lines at banks in the capital. (
  7. ATMs run dry during day, cash rush begins at night in the capital. (
  8. Delhi Police arrest Ex CM of Delhi Sheila Dikshit’s son-in-law over domestic violence charges. ( ( (
  9. Students of Delhi Government schools want reading melas to be extended. (
  10. Business down for the third day in a row in capital. (

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