Day 597: 6-Oct-16

Steps taken by AAP government in Delhi on 6-Oct-16:

**None for the day**

Related News:

  1. Delhi High Court said the AAP government was “not maintaining” basic infrastructure and adequate staff for its own schools. (
  2. Delhi Food and Supplies Minister Imran Hussain denied anticipatory bail . ( ( (
  3. The Supreme Court came down hard on the Delhi Government and LG saying that the people of the national capital had been “left to suffer”. ( ( ( (
  4. Day after Delhi High Court order, street vendors face eviction drive, cry foul. (
  5. Dengue & chikungunya outbreak: Officials race to meet deadline set by Delhi’s LG Najeeb Jung. (
  6. Dengue & chikungunya in Delhi: After SC rebuke, Najeeb Jung’s meeting takes up 15-point action plan. (
  7. Many red marks on Delhi MLA’s performace report card. ( ( (

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