Day 361: 11-Feb-16

Steps taken by AAP government in Delhi on 11-Feb-16:

  1. Delhi government to do away with VIP treatment(private wards) in Delhi government hospitals. (
  2. AAP government planning to boost spending on health, education and road infrastructure. (
  3. 20 new polyclinics to be inaugurated in Delhi on February 14. (
  4. Delhi government plans body to invite investment, create jobs. (
  5. Kejriwal promises medical insurance. (
  6. Delhi government to hire 5500 private buses for Odd-even 2.0 .(
  7. Car pool groups, apps come alive for Odd-even 2.0 .(
  8. 54 pilot Model schools to set an example in Delhi. (
  9. Delhi might play host to formula-e championship. (

Related News

  1. Delhi Police to DCW: depute own staff. (
  2. DCW takes charge of women helpline. (

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