Day 333: 14-Jan-16

Steps taken by AAP government on Delhi on 14-Jan-16:

  1. Delhi AAP government hints at reintroducing Odd-Even scheme in future. (
  2. Odd-Even scheme ends on Friday, Delhi Government calls it a success. (

Related News:

  1. A section of auto drivers have threatened to carry out a protest rally from Rajghat to Delhi Secretariat demanding issuance of around 13,000 auto permits. ( (
  2. Pollutants in Delhi’s air on Thursday showed a marginal rise. (
  3. Delhi Metro’s daily ridership, across the duration of the odd-even car rationing scheme, was over a lakh more than the average number of commuters. (
  4. The Delhi High Court directed the Centre, AAP government and other authorities to submit plans to bring the pollution levels within the prescribed limits. (
  5. Delhi High Court said the odd-even scheme of the AAP government was a successas the idea had appealed to the people and not because of the Rs. 2,000 fine imposed for violations. ( ( (
  6. Won’t cancel Odd-Even scheme in Delhi, whole city must cooperate: Supreme Court. ( (

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