Day 321 : 2-Jan-16

Steps taken by AAP government in Delhi on 2-Jan-16:

  1. Even-numbered cars roll on day 2; AAP’s Manish Sisodia cycles to office. ( (
  2. Pollution levels on New Year day showed a “marked” decrease compared to the previous year, the Delhi government said on Saturday. ( (
  3. Odd-Even plan successful even on Day 2, says Delhi government. ( ( (
  4. DTC buses will soon go hi-tech with installation of electronic ticketing machines in 200 of its fleet by the end of January. (
  5. Odd-even scheme: More traffic personnel, volunteers deployed on Day 2. (
  6. The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) will subject a recently-procured fleet of thousands of private buses to a day-long maintenance exercise (
  7. Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has thanked the people of Delhi and police to make his brainchild ‘Odd-Even’ formula a success : An Interview with Janta Ka Reporter. (

Related News:

  1. Odd-even policy: Impact positive in places but results vary. (
  2. Nearly 200 people were caught violating the odd-even rule for cars on second day of the 15-day period when these restrictions are in force. (
  3. More than 38 lakh commuters opted for DTC buses on the first day of odd-even road rationing scheme implemented for 15 days. ( ( (
  4. Odd-even policy: Meanwhile, parking attendants point to loopholes in policy. (
  5. Odd-even policy: In 10-point note, traffic cops told to be ‘soft’ while issuing challans. (
  6. Odd-even policy: On day two, Delhi mostly gets even but with fewer police, civil guards on roads. (
  7. Arvind Kejriwal’s gamble to implement odd-even scheme unites Delhi. (
  8. The second day of odd-even road rationing scheme in Delhi saw a big jump in traffic violations. (

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