Day 227 : 30-Sep-15

Steps taken by AAP government in Delhi on 30-Sep-15:

  1. Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai has urged people to adopt “one family-one car” norm to reduce traffic on the capital’s roads and also appealed to them to use public transport. (Source)
  2. The Delhi government informed the court it was “ready to pay” to install CCTV cameras in all 170 police stations as well as in 44 locations identified as “vulnerable areas for crime” by the police. (Source)
  3. The Delhi government to observe October 1 as the International Day for Senior Citizens to all its schools. (Source)
  4. The VAT department unearthed VAT evasion of several thousand crores when it came across at least 150 firms and transporters, all of which exist only on paper. (Source)
  5. The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has decided to set up RO plants and water dispensing units based on the model of the resettlement colony – Savda Ghevra – across various places in the Capital. (Source1) (Source2) (Source3)

Related News:

  1. Contrary to their claims of incurring losses owing to no hike in power tariffs this year, Delhi’s distribution companies are in fact earning surplus revenue. (Source)
  2. The Delhi Commission of Women (DCW) has issued show cause notices to two hospitals, including a government facility, for allegedly refusing admission to an acid attack victim. (Source)
  3. The Delhi Commission for Women chairperson Swati Maliwal has written to all ministers of the Delhi government urging them to facilitate jobs for acid attack victims in their respective departments. (Source1) (Source2)
  4. A Delhi court said that the entire civic system in the national capital has collapsed and corruption was one of the contributing factors. (Source1) (Source2)
  5. Delhi faces health risks due to high ozone level in air due to sudden increase in diesel cars and trucks in the national capital. (Source)
  6. Delhi civic body has doubled rates for water tankers, trolleys for ceremonies & gatherings. (Source)
  7. Senior advocate Dayan Krishnan, representing the AAP government, has argued that the Lt Governor “was not the elected representative” and could not act against the aid and advice of the elected government. (Source)
  8. The Central Government informs Delhi High Court it would need to “rationalise” the demand for increasing the number of police personnel in Delhi, as the present demand for more than 16,000 personnel would cost over Rs 483 crore per year. (Source)
  9. Shief electoral officer Chandra Bhushan Kumar said that a summary revision of Delhi’s electoral rolls will begin on Thursday. (Source1) (Source2)

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