Day 169 : 3-Aug-15

Steps taken by AAP government in Delhi on 3-Aug-15:

  1. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announces that government had initiated the process for setting up a State Human Rights Commission. (Source1) (Source2)
  2. Arvind Kejriwal said the Commission of Inquiry, that has been proposed by the Delhi government to look into cases of crimes against women in the capital, will also consider various aspects involving the welfare of Delhi Police officers. (Source1) (Source2) (Source3) (Source4)
  3. The Delhi government, in an affidavit filed before the Delhi High Court, said it had spent money on advertisements that “spread awareness about government policies” and had allocated “Rs 523 crore for information and publicity”. (Source)
  4. Aam Aadmi Party Delhi government gives Rs 1.52 crore to provide pick and drop children with special needs. (Source)

Related news:

  1. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal again demanded that the Narendra Modi government again to hand over the control of the police to the Delhi government and he would make Delhi the “safest city in the world”. (Source1) (Source2) (Source3) (Source4)
  2. Delhi Development Authority on Monday launched a new web application that will allow them to offer feedback on horticulture-related matters to the urban body. (Source)
  3. The parents of 19-year-old Meenakshi, who was stabbed to death in Anand Parbat area of Central Delhi last month, attended the special session of the Delhi Assembly on Monday to discuss issues pertaining to women’s safety in the capital. (Source)
  4. The family of 19-year-old Meenakshi, who was brutally murdered in Anand Parbat area last month, said they have not yet received compensation of Rs 5 lakh as announced by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal while visiting their residence. (Source1) (Source2) (Source3)
  5. A Delhi court said there was “sufficient material” to proceed with the criminal defamation complaint filed by a Delhi Police constable against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for using a slang “thulla” to describe policemen. (Source1) (Source2) (Source3)
  6. Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party government told Delhi High Court that it was spending Rs. 8 crores per month on ads related to its policies. (Source1) (Source2) (Source3) (Source4)

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