Day 129 : 24-Jun-15

Steps taken by AAP government in Delhi on 24-Jun-15:

  1. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has nominated fresh directors to the boards of the three power distribution companies (RPL, BYPL and TPDD) in the Capital where it has 49 per cent stake. (Source)
  2. Delhi Aam Aadmi Party has initiated investigation into the Water Tanker scam under Sheila Dixit’s regime. (Source)
  3.  Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday said Aam Aadmi Party government does not agree with the Centre’s policy to not fail students till Class VII and considers it a factor for the falling pass rate in Class IX. (Source)

Related News:

  1. The per capita annual income in Delhi rose by nearly 14 per cent to Rs. 2.41 lakh in 2013-14 compared to the previous fiscal, which is almost three times the national average. (Source1) (Source2) (Source3) (Source4)
  2. In the past 10 years, the prices of many food items seem to have doubled in Delhi. The Economic Survey of Delhi for 2014-15 shows that pulses, oil and even mutton are now twice as costly. (Source)
  3. Delhi Police bust a gang of gamblers with the arrest of eight persons from JJ Colony in north-west Delhi’s Wazirpur area in New Delhi. (Source)
  4. The Delhi Police on Wednesday claimed to have busted another module engaged in providing admissions through fake EWS certificates. (Source)
  5. In a major operation, the Office of South Delhi District Magistrate on Wednesday rescued 25 children from Yusuf Sarai Market and Gautam Nagar area. (Source)
  6. The Economic Survey has highlighted poor water quality of the Yamuna river while pointing out that the river crossing the Capital was polluted by the flow of untreated sewage and discharge of industrial effluents. (Source)

One thought on “Day 129 : 24-Jun-15

  1. aap sarkar ko mera suchhaw hi ki hospital me opd 6pm to 10 pm jis se majdur log ko jyada labh hoga Aur duara ki ek aap bolne ka abhiyan chalana chahiye jis se bhai chara bathegi

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