Day 33 : 20-Mar-15

Steps taken by AAP government in Delhi on 20-Mar-15:

  1. The areas under the jurisdiction of New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will be able to get water and electricity at subsidised rates from Saturday, 21st March. (Source1) (Source2) (Source3) (Source4)
  2. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Sworn-in as NDMC Member. (Source1) (Source2)
  3. Delhi becomes first state to roll out E-ration cards from next week. (Source)

Related News:

  1. Delhi Police to Install CCTVs in Vulnerable Areas within the jurisdiction of 44 police stations where the crime graph against women is higher. (Source1) (Source2) (Source3)
  2. Uttar Pradesh offers help to help Delhi in solving its water crisis “to the best of its ability”. (Source1) (Source2)
  3. The directorate of education issued an order reminding school managements that “to participate in political activities by the school is banned under Delhi School Education Act and Rules 1973”. (Source1) (Source2)

2 thoughts on “Day 33 : 20-Mar-15

  1. Although a good effort to collate news related to AAP, it will be better if we cn incorporate 2 more things; 1) more news than what makes a headlines in newspapers, this will anyways be read by many. Having more “hidden” news on this blog will make more credibility. and 2)include photographs of the work done..thanks


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