First Month of Janseva by AAP

AAP won 67 seats out of 70 in Delhi, after winning such mandate now more eyes watching with all the hope of change not only in terms of infrastructure but also in terms of participatory democracy, transparent and accountable bureaucracy and time bound justice system.

AAP’s manifesto is a blueprint for Delhi’s development dream. On Very first day CM asked for action plan from different dept  to deliver on it and within 15 days Delhi govt announced Delhi Dialogue Commission with CM as chairman, and 21 task forces to implement AAP Govt’s development agenda.

Delhi Govt bring administrative reform through following measures:

  • Launch of portal to file public grievances online, MLA /MP can review complaint any time and status of the complaint can be tracked.
  • Online trafficking system for complaints of vehicle theft.
  • Online BIRTH/DEATH certificates from 1st April this year.
  • Ration card can be issued online now.
  • To set transparent and accountable system in bureaucracy, govt send a strong message that  officers will have to perform and merit will be only criteria, official who can deliver will make the cut.Cabinet clears proposal to revamp anti corruption helpline to be launched sometime end of this month.

Working towards delivering on poll promises: 

  • On first cabinet meet govt decided on BAN on demolition of jhuggies, residential houses till review of existing policy.Ground mapping to fix unauthorized colonies started in Delhi.
  • Another big announcement from Delhi govt came on contract labour,where govt announced that policy and status of contract employees under review and their services can not be terminated till further instruction.
  • Slashed electricity tariff and providing 20,000 litres of free water to those who have metered connections.
  • Women’s safety is another poll promise where government ensures marshals in DTC buses and ask Delhi Police to identify dark spots across the city.
  • Driving licences issued to 20,800 e-rickshaw drivers in a month.
  • There were 1 lakh stalled old age pensions in the past,30,000 cleared and 20,000 more will be done this month by fast track proceedings.
  • Process for the installation of CCTVs in schools started and some MLA’s also installing CCTV in their area from MLA FUND.
  • Free test and medicines in all government hospitals for swine flu patients.
  • Redesigning of hospitals to increase their bed-capacity to allow poor people access to health care .
  • The honorarium for Anganwadi workers has already been increased from Rs.750 to Rs.4,000 to Rs.5,000 per month.
  • Dwarka water treatment plant inaugurated .
  • 300 Private school have been issued showcause notice for charging exorbitant fees.
  • Adarsh Shastri started consulting and making blueprint for free Wi-Fi Delhi .
  • Govt bring amendment to Delhi VAT ACT 2006, allowed to carry forward of REFUND of VAT, Stamp vendor license will now be online.

Apart from this to implement SWARAJ , the AAP government has decided to involve common people in making Delhi’s Budget for 2015-16 so that financial allocation can be made based on requirement of various areas. Speaking at the Delhi Assembly, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said “after taking people’s opinion on the budget, detailed discussions will be held in the House where legislators will make the final decisions”.

List of works done by Delhi Govt can go on but as Manish Shisodia said  “Our experience in one month has been great. This month was also about understanding how information technology can be used for good governance.

Here we conclude that AAP govt moving in right direction to make transparent and accountable system. As we stated in our introduction that we are here  to keep a strict watch on AAP government in Delhi. The idea is to play an active role in the democracy and explore the possibilities of alternative politics which was envisioned by Aam Aadmi Party. We request all of you to provide your feedback on Delhi govt performance.


2 thoughts on “First Month of Janseva by AAP

  1. While focusing on governance and delivering what was promised is of utmost priority it’s equally important for Arvindh Kejriwal to come forward to include Yogendra Yadav in a capacity Yogendra Yadav deserves. He is a man of such integrity and I feel very disappointed that AAP is falling a victim to infighting and power politics. Why can’t a party that ran and running Delhi dialogues resolve internal conflicts through meaningful dialogues? The only political hope I have is AAP and I don’t want it to disintegrate.


    • Dear Suseela

      Thanks for writing to us.

      Just want to share that this is not an official blog of AAP. We are supporters of AAP like you, who want to bring the good work of Delhi AAP government among people on India.

      Team AAPDelhiDiary


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